How To Make Rap Beats

A rap song can be pretty boring without the right beat. The beat is in my opinion the element of the song that takes the rap to the next level and makes it stand out in the crowd. Even 2pac and Biggie would have a hard time if their beats were not up to par. The beat needs to flood.

The two most important elements of a rap beat are its depth and its originality. By depth I mean how it makes you feel when you hear the beat. Every rap song has a message, and the beat needs to bring that message home.

It is also important that the beat stand out in the crowd. This is where originality comes in. In the first seconds of your beat you have to make it unique so the person who listens to it recognizes the song and are ready to join in on it. Make sure you don’t go crazy on the beat, remember it still needs flood.

A rap beat typically consists of a loop. A loop is a set of bars repeating over and over again. So how do you make a great loop? You will need a beat making program for that but we will get to that.

Begin with your hi hats. The hi hats sets the basics for your rap beat and lets you decide the speed of your beat. There is nothing complex with you hi hats so make it simple. You can add more hi hats later if needed.

Second step is to add the kicks and the snares. The kicks are what most people will consider the baseline. These are the deep elements of the base. The snares are the mid and high tones and are usually a lot lighter than the kicks.

Let me quickly explain you what hi hats are:

How To Make Rap Beats

You might think what the hell has a drum-set to do with How To Make Rap Beats? Let me explain it to you. I am sure you have seen one, or even heard someone play on it right? Number 6 is the hi-hat.. The kind of annoying High sound. basically you can make a beat with a drum-set, you could hit number 2 twice then hit the hi-hat kick number 4 and repeat.

Now I don’t think you want a rap beat to sound like that but you set yourself a skeleton. You can add more to it or leave parts out. With the right software like reason, fruity loops or our favorite Dubturbo you can do all this, and use thousands of different sounds, loops.

To make rap beats you don’t need a instrument, or spend money on a studio. Most of the sickest beats are created with software like Dubturbo.

It’s not hard to make a beat, for example if you tap your right foot twice, clap your hands and shout apple and repeat this you will hear a beat. What a good beat making software does is giving you the option to choose out of thousands of sounds, or you can record your own sounds and tweak them till they sound sick.

With making a rap beat It is the combination of all these elements that build the feeling and originality in your rap beat.

Don’t overdo your rap beats!


Many newbies make the mistake of working too much on their rap beats. They add layer upon layer of instrumentals and work the beat line way to much.

Keep the beat as simple as possible. It is not how many sounds you have that counts. It is how much the rap beats can bring emotions upon the listener. Spend some time listening to the rap beats of your favorite producer and you will probably notice that their beats are not very complex. They are simply unique.

Listen to our sick rap beat:

( This beat includes Rap, try to listen to the beat only. It sounds like there is a lot going on but the beat is a simple repeat with a few highlights. )

Sick Rap Beat Example

Also keep in mind that you are not the Star of your rap beat. This is the rappers job. Your job is to make the rapper have an easy day at work and help him or her bring out the creativity inside.

Now you might think you need to spend a lot of cash to make a beat like the rap beat example, But that is simply not true!

We used a program called Dubturbo – Beat Maker Software to make that beat. It’s the finest piece of technology in the industry!

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